Benefits of this program:  In just three sessions – Enjoy again deep restorative sleep – Awaken refreshed and revitalised – Have more energy – Recharge Your body and Mind

There are a number of misconceptions about sleep. Here are a few of them. Foremost, being that you sleep through from the minute your eyes close and then awaken. As a species, wakening during the night was probably an inbuilt survival pattern. Having a nap will disturb your sleep at night. It depends on how long the nap lasted and how close it was to your bedtime. To be most beneficial it should be between ten to twenty minutes, no longer. A more accurate way to consider napping is that it is a short period of resting deeply. Seven or eight hours sleep is an often cited as being required to stay healthy. An occasional night when you do not have this amount of sleep will not adversely affect your physical or mental health. Quite often, you may feel refreshed from a relatively short period of sleep. Quality is of equal importance as quantity.

Extended periods of disturbed sleep can have serious detrimental effect on you physical and mental wellbeing. You may question why we need sleep at all. Sleep restores energy to your brain. Your brain accounts for about 3% of your body weight. Yet it uses between 20-25% of the body’s energy. There are innumerable issues that will adversely affect your sleep. What is going on in your life being the major cause. Problems or issues real or imaged will generate stressors. Issues affecting relationships, work, finances, healthy lifestyle, exercise, irregular work patterns, diet, ill health, pain, or injuries are just a few things that lead to long periods of disturbed sleep.

Another obvious cause is the amount of coffee or caffeine drinks you have during your day. It takes around five hours for caffeine to pass through your system.

Something that is often misunderstood is that you get older you need less sleep. A contributing factor could be that with age you may become less active. Exercise brings a number of benefits and one being that your body is likely to produce more endorphins. They help you to feel more relaxed and often a sense of contentment. Problems you experience when you close your eyes have been with you before that moment.

This program will examine the cause of your disturbed sleep/insomnia. It will cover a wide range of techniques and daily habits to cultivate to help ensure resting restorative sleep. Should you find yourself wakening during the night I have a very simple exercise that will soon have you drifting back to sleep.

Program benefits : Deep restorative sleep – Awaken refreshed and revitalised – More energy – Recharge Your body and Mind