If you are reading this, it is improbable that you are someone who from childhood knew what you wanted to do with your life. Possibly, you already have success, acquisitions and outwardly have a life that ticks all the boxes. Yet still feel unfulfilled.

Picasso is attributed to have said, “We are all born artists but the trick is to remain one”. I have difficulty accepting that. Maybe you are be born with an innate talent to be a superb artist. To be one, first you must work at becoming one. Of course, we are all-creative. There is a part within all of us to make and/or create things. Turn nothing into something, and bring a new creation into the world.

The starting point is a review of your conscious and unconscious beliefs. What in the past has shaped your beliefs, and how they influence your actions? Are you current beliefs supporting, hindering, or even stopping you from pursuing your real purpose in life?

Julie Starr in her “The Coaching manual” has a great question for clarifying if you are life’s purpose compass is pointing in the right direction. If you could have your goal now, would you take it? If you are not leaping for joy shouting “YES”, you seriously need to examine your beliefs and values.

In this program: – You will journey into your own inner landscape and have new experiences. Discover how to know what you truly want. Some of us want careers, adventures, wealth, recognition, a balanced family life. Each of these wants will carry a different set of values. In turn, these values drive and direct our actions. Find how old past winning strategies could be creating difficulties or barriers on your way to having what you want. With a new clarity, you can turn these deep strivings into a doorway to supreme satisfaction often called “Inner Peace”

Knowing what you want, ensuring that your beliefs and values are alignment the motivation is relatively easy. Equipped with the necessary life skills you can continually re-align your actions to your life’s true purpose.