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Clinical Hypnotist, Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP)Self-discovery Facilitator: combines the best points of a range of therapies and change work techniques that integrate learnings from neuroscience and neurobiology


Confidence &
Happiness Formula

Happiness and Confidence are not goals they are the highways to a meaningful and satisfying life. They are necessary to discovering and absorbing new learnings. Like most skills with practise, you can develop them. With regular practise, you can get better and better at them. Read More
Discovering Life`s
True Purpose
A few lucky people from a very early age know what they want to do with their life. For others, their parents and mentors guide and direct their career path. Despite their best efforts and intentions they not wisest choice. While for the majority, it is the left to the caprices of what opportunities there are around them. Equipped with the necessary life skills people can re-align their life to their life's true purpose. Read More
As we grow older our attitude to being unable to sleep changes. Our expectations of what constitutes a good-nights sleep are frequently Read More
Freedom from Stress-Anxiety-Depression
Being born is stressful; it is an integral part of our life. When you are happy and excited you Read More

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